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Ahoy Captain!
Think of this as blog full of cool places and nice things do and see on and around the canals of Amsterdam. On this blog we’ll write about our adventures in and around Amsterdam. Give advice where to drop your anchor and what not to miss. How to rent a boat. Become a captain for a day, just because you can! How to own a boat and how to keep it a float. A boat is a bridge to old and new friends. Because Amsterdam is a unique city and best seen from the water.

Ahoy Amsterdam is run by Alvaro and Tjalling.

Alvaro de Salvo is a full blood Argentinian Gaucho, who moved from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam and conquered the canals of Amsterdam and the surrounding lakes on the Malbec. A tough 1972 flytour which was completely restorated by the captain himself and the vast experience of his father in law. Alvaro knows the canals and especially all the surrounding bars nowadays better than most Locals. He loves sailing like his father does and probably sooner or later you will find a blog on Ahoy about where you have to sail to get the best steak Cause, blood is ticker than water! Alvaro also writes for Tedx Amsterdam works for Akvo.org as a Communications executive.

Favourite bar:  Hesp “To get the most out of the sun and its beer variety” 

Tjalling Halbertsma, a dutchy and half blood Frisian, his name doesn’t lie. As the dutch say ‘the apple doesn’t drop far from the tree‘. Tjalling was sailing before he was talking. After sailing several years to destinations on 7 continents, also on yachts, but mostly on the Bark Europa a 3 masted barque. Tjalling dropped his anchor in Amsterdam. With roots that ground better in water he is refurbishing his houseboat (a 1924 barge). On his days off he either sails around the canals in his bright orange speedboat (that actually doesn’t speed!) or a blue ex-lifeboat (redding sloep) which he refurbished with two friends. If posts you read here are written in Van Gaal English, these are probably from Tjalling.

Favourite bar: “de Ceuvel little oasis in North Amsterdam”  

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