Amstelhaven, feel a bit chic in the water

Amstelhaven is one of those hidden petit places you don’t want to miss. It sits opposite to the prestigious Amstel hotel, and it has one of the nicest terraces in town.

It has a nice interior with a modern touch including chesterfield sofas as well. It gets wonderful at night. It has all sorts of people visiting. Their dock is unique and with enough spots to moor, although usually crowded.

You wont remember it for its food, but its a great place to sit by the water on a sunny day, enjoy a beer, and watch the boats go by.

The most noteworthy thing?

Their dock and view to the Amstel.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: some of the fried snacks. You’ll get it right. 
Best time to drop by: all day long. Its just great. 
Docking facilities: Lovely ones. 

More about Amstelhaven?
Mauritskade 1,1091 EW (Center)



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