De Ceuvel, Amsterdam’s hidden paradise

Cafe Ceuvel is definitely one of those places off the beaten path. It’s in a little district that has been made out of reclaimed houseboats, right in the middle of a community park, along the Buiksloter away from the hustle bustle of the city and away from civilisation.

It’s a really cool place where time goes by slowly. It has that rugged look from outside but neat and sweet look just the way a cafe should look. Overall it has a very unique and innovative environment, with an interesting vibe. They recycle objects into furniture. Completely different than the historic parts of Amsterdam. It’s a great concept, but as usual the Dutch weather goes, once it starts raining, everyone runs inside.

If you like biological and vegan food, you’ll be happy to know that this sustainable place grows it’s own veggies. Very tasty and simple food, nice atmosphere and good beer selection.

Its staff is very hospitable and friendly staff. It’s affordable and delicious. Nice equitable concept community too.

The most noteworthy thing?

Its location and the houseboats converted into working spaces. Amazing spot, next to the waterside. Need some cruising skills to find it, as you need to cross into the wide open Ij.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: Special organic wine. Very interesting. 
Best time to drop by: all day long. Its just great. 
Docking facilities: A bit limited to four or five boats, max. 

More about Cafe de Ceuvel?
Korte Papaverweg 4,1032 KB (North)



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