Renting electric boats in Amsterdam

Looking to rent a small boat and be your own captain for the day? Interested to cruise around the Amsterdam canals like a local?

There has recently been an offer increase of electric boats in Amsterdam’s centre. Here a number of reasons why these make it a perfect option to discover the city from the water:

  • They are really easy to pilot.
  • No license or experience is required.
  • You can call on the day or anticipate an online booking
  • They fit 6,7,8,and up to 12 people. Great for family, friends and tinder dates.
  • They have electric green engine, which are reliable, silent and clean.
  • All companies provide a personal instruction.
  • The boats go between 6 and 8 km/h, which is the maximum speed allowed on the canals.

In order to rent, you need to be older than 18 years old and provide a valid identification (passport, driving license or ID card) and a credit card (or cash), as a guarantee/deposit.

Here five good options for you to consider spending a great day on the canals:


They rent two types of aluminium boats: completely open or partially covered by a solar panel canopy. When making your online reservation you can see what’s available at the time. Apart from the canopy all boats are basically the same (same rates, speed, size and maximum capacity of six people. Rates start at 79 euros for three hours and you can rent up to a max of 10 hours.


Open aluminium boats that fit up to six people. Their routes allow you to go to almost the whole city center including the Amstel river. For your own safety only the IJ, the Kostverlorenvaart and the Nieuwe Herengracht are forbidden area’s. Rates start at 79 euros for three hours and you can rent up to a max of 10 hours.cIf you want to rent today, call them at +31 (0)6 263 264 20. If not book online.

Canal Motorboats

Their aluminium boats are 5,50 m long and 1,80 m wide and can fit up to seven people. They are powered by 1500 W electro outboard motors with four batteries, so you can hit the town all day long without any issues. Rates are charged hourly with a sliding scale. They begin at 50 euros for the first hour and then decreases by 10 euros every hour. After the fourth hour, the rate is 20 euros per hour. You can make your reservations for groups up to 70 persons, which can become a really fun experience. They offer free life vests for children under the age of 12. They have no lights on their boats, so important to book before sundown.


Mokum is open all year round. All of their boats are electrical, easy to pilot and fit up to eight people.  You can reserve your boat online or either call +31 20 21 05 700 to reserve a boat today. You’ll need to take a valid identification and they’ll ask  for a €100 cash deposit, which you’ll receive back after your trip. They have three locations, Centre, Amstel and East. Rates start at 90 euros for two hours.


Offering luxury boats that fit up to 12 people. Their boats can be started with your mobile phone and it is often possible to extend your reservation during your trip. You can book a boat online, even for the very same day. They’ll send you an SMS, prior to departure, with a link to our online control panel. There you can easily start, pause and stop your boat. Choose a boat at the pier, remove the plug from the power outlet and roll up the cable by giving the cable a brief tug. Now you can start the boat via the online control panel.Rates start at 60 euros per hour and a 150 euros deposit is needed.

What to take with you?

  1. The best company. Your own friends, family or colleagues. Maybe a Tinder date? 😉
  2. Great food and drinks.
  3. Warm clothes and an extra jacket. Always good to have an umbrella.
  4. A map of Amsterdam.
  5. A list of cool places to go. Check them at Ahoy Amsterdam 😉
  6. A good understanding of safety and rules and regulations.

Which one is nearer to you?

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