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(Hey Captain! This post is also available in: Dutch.)

Amsterdam is well known for its gorgeous canal houses with charming gabled facades. Its fair to say it has enough architectural treasures to keep design lovers busy for weeks. Despite its small scale, the city gains a far augmented perspective if you get to see it from the water.

With more than 400 years of history, Amsterdam currently counts 165 canals, 80 bridges, and over 2500 houseboats. With over 1515 cafes and bars in the city, many of them are reachable by boat, providing multiple opportunities for long lasting anecdotes.

After many seasons with long days on the water we like to share our own tips and recommendations on places to make the best out of a sailing day.

Ahoy Captain reviews bars, cafes, restaurants, cultural places and specific settings in this city to make an enjoyable day of cruising.

A Captain’s job is to leave nothing at random. Knowing which ones to visit depending on the weather, the people onboard, and the time of the day, is a beautiful craft to cultivate.

We’ ll add more “hidden gems” to this website over time. For now, we wish you a happy cruising!

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