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75.000 hurrahs for the first sail-in FEBO!

FEBO is the most iconic dutch fast food place, known for its wall vendor machines, where you put coins in the wall and take out your snack. Either you pick a burger, or any of the typical Dutch hot snacks such as kroketten (croquettes), frietjes (french fries) or frikandel (a kind of deep-fried sausage), you pay and off you go. It can’t get much faster than that.

This phenomenon begun in 1941 as a bakery in Amsterdam. Over time, ‘Maison Febo’ became FEBO and the company now counts over 65 outlets across the Netherlands.

In their 75th anniversary, they decided to open their first floating sail-in location. Posted in the Prinsengracht 307, sailors can either moor their boat or pedal by and take a snack from the wall to enjoy the typical dutch culinary experience, on the water.

To celebrate their diamond jubilee, they are giving away 75.000 croquettes,  from 9 am to 21 pm.

The most noteworthy thing?

In principle, their water edge floating snack bar will only be opened during Thursday, although their 40 little wall-in doors might still giving free croquettes during Friday as well.

febo_1080x530Above: The folks from gearing up for a full crew croquette experience. Thursday 15 September 2015. Photo by Ahoy Amsterdam.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: the lekkerste croquette. 
Best time to drop by: It opens between 9 am and 21 pm. Get there anytime before the 75.000 are finished!
Docking facilities: Good. You can tie your lines on the water-edge door or alongside other boats.

Where’s the sail-in Febo?

Sail-in FEBO
Prinsengracht 307, 1016 Amsterdam

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