Pizzeria San Marco, Amsterdam’s sail-in pizza

Pizzeria San Marco, is the place to drop by if fancy a pizza while cruising around the Amstelkanaal. Placed on an old Watch Tower of the canal bridge, it is a very interesting view to see while you are approaching the spot from the West.

It serves well made pizzas at a very convenient price and a fast turn around. They are not exactly the pizzas you would invite your Italian friends from Naples with, but they are thin, their centre is soggy, and the borders quite crunchy. Definitely worthy of being called Italian pizza though.

Their staff is always welcoming and very quick, handing you a flyer that works well as a menu, and then coming up and down the stairs to get your order at speed.

The most noteworthy thing?

Their water edge door, where you can tie your lines and order (and eat) your pizzas from your boat. We love it. Don’t be surprised if within 10 minutes two or three boats tie their lines along yours. “Take-out and cruise away” are the magic words here. We have the phone number of San Marco in our heads.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: the Tre Colore and the San Marco. Also good to get some beers, just in case.
Best time to drop by: during the afternoon and evening, as it opens from 17 to 22.
Docking facilities: Good. You can tie your lines on the water-edge door or alongside other boats.

More about Pizzeria San Marco?

Amstelkade 148 A,1078 AW Amsterdam
Phone: 0206730884 (Call 15 minutes before arriving and your pizzas we’ll be waiting)

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