il Pecorino, an Italian trattoria across Central Station

il Pecorino sits right across the Ij, opposite to Central Station and Delirium Cafe. It has a lovely venue structure which offers both good shade and a lovely sun bath. Ideal to enjoy a sunset and get away from the crowds. It’s just wonderful.

Oriented as an Italian-trattoria, this place is much more bigger than it seems, once you are inside. Structured as a three floor venue, it has multiple spaces (Bar, terrace, two dinning rooms and an outdoor deck) and different architectural variations to enjoy a nice meal.

The menu is interesting: not only the average expected things for an Italian restaurant but also some unexpected, less common things. You’ll most likely find the best pizzas in town (With crispy base, soggy centre and tasty toppings.) and extremely small glasses of wine as well.

Their staff is friendly but still has some room for improvement. Be prepared to wait for your food.

The most noteworthy thing?

Their waterfront view. You can spend hours having good conversations, enjoying the sun on your face, and looking at the boats pass by.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: Some Formaggi misti as antipasti, and the Quattro formaggi pizza. 
Best time to drop by: All day long but specially at sunset. 
Docking facilities: Quite good. You have an “L” shaped dock which is very convenient. 

More about il Pecorino?
Noordwal 1,1021 PX (North)


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