Pont 13, a classy refurbished ferry

Pont 13 is one of our favourites places for all times. A truly hidden gem that’s worth the logistics of getting there.

This beautiful industrial-chic restaurant is completely on the water, based in an old municipal ferry from 1927 which definitely adds to the atmosphere. It has a two nice outdoor terraces to sit and soak up a little sunshine as and when you can find it.  The ferry has preserved most of its original details but is completely restored. If you manage to sit by one of its little round windows, you’ll get a great view of the port, where you can enjoy the houseboats, some storage silos, industrial buildings and random ships passing by.

Though the menu is small, (as well as its portions), it’s well done and there are even some good salads and delicious sides for vegetarian options. Both fish and meat dishes available.

Their staff offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Always helpful and attentive.

The most noteworthy thing?

Their location and atmosphere. Great if you want to make a good impression on somebody (a client or a Tinder date?). If the weather is right, you can tie your lines to the big yellow buoys near Pont 13, and enjoy a wonderful swim as well.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: The fish. It’s always good. 
Best time to drop by: all day long. It’s just great. 
Docking facilities: Really nice ones. Room for four or five boats. 

More about Pont 13?
Haparandadam 50,1013 AK (North)



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