Noorderlicht, an outstanding spirit of freedom

Noorderlicht is an awesome place to spend a sunny afternoon. This place fits perfectly in this edgy area of Amsterdam, called NDSM. Sitting right across the river Ij, you’ll find this greenhouse cafe that looks back towards Amsterdam. It provides some of the best views you can find.

It has a great garden and an nicely put interior with lots of colorful light options. The perfect fitting for a big groups of people, no matter if you want to be altogether or in smaller gangs.

Photo above: The entrance of Noorderlicht during midday. Picture by @aj_desalvo

The way to Noorderlicht is an adventure on its own, where you’ll cross many cargo boats and ferries. It will demand both some sailing and safety skills, but it’s totally worth it.

Although simple, the menu has very yummy food, with a biological angle. The staff is very cheerful and talkative. Yet, the kitchen can’t handle too much pressure, so ordering gets paused every now and again, leaving ample room for conversations before your food is ready.

The most noteworthy thing?

The atmosphere.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: the entrecôte with béarnaise sauce and a Butcher’s Tears draft beer.
Best time to drop by: all day long. 
Docking facilities: Tricky. You need to dock in some  floating platform a couple of meters away.

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