Pllek, the everlasting festival lounging experience

Pllek is one of the coolest places to go in Amsterdam. Located in the NDSM area, its a very hip place, perfect view on Amsterdam harbour.

The exterior is legitimately a collection of shipping containers, but the inside is very open, airy and cute. Surrounded by a semi-beach, it has a lovely laid back atmosphere. Very well decorated, both outdoors and indoors area. It’s pretty packed despite its vast size.

Their menu is separated into daily meals. Food is great and prices are a bit high. If you’re low on budget it’s recommendable to just get some beer and be a part of this nice atmosphere. Great to hang out with friends or make new ones.

Their staff is always alert and kind, despite being it always busy down there.

The most noteworthy thing?

Their vibrant cultural agenda. There is always something going on at Pllek. Either its open cinema, music or yoga workshops,

At a glance

Captain’s delight: Beer.
Best time to drop by: During sunset. You get the best view of the water. 
Docking facilities: A bit challenging. Make sure to fix some fenders to protect your boat. The tide can hit hard in that part of the IJ.

More about Pllek?

Address: Tt. Neveritaweg 59,1033 WB (North)
Social: FacebookTwitter

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