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Ahoy Amsterdam is born

On April 10, I published “Best bars to go with your boat in Amsterdam”, a blog I posted in Atomic Grasps.

In it, I reviewed 20 bars that I like to go with my boat, in Amsterdam. Back then, I thought It would be interesting to share a list of places where you can dock your boat, and have a drink. Surely readers would know many of them, but not all.

For my surprise, the blog got shared over 1000 times in Facebook and received over 4000 unique views in a month. Considering that I usually average 60 views per post, I quickly understood what was going on. If you write about booze and boats, people is more likely to read what you write.

After reading it, Mandy (a member from Expats in Amsterdam) asked if I could write about the requirements to be able to own a boat. Other websites picked up the blog as well and got in touch suggesting other places to include in the list. Some of the bars in the list even invited me to visit them and have a beer, as a sign of appreciation. Later on, other friends suggested to make something a bit more serious out of that initial blog, to write about stuff like restaurants, lakes, nice special spots in the city to make a barbecue or grab a drink.

With that in mind, I started thinking about all the things that I’ve experienced in this city, from the water.

Thus, I decided it would be good to share them with others and that is how Ahoy Amsterdam was born!

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If you also like to be in the water, would like to share a story or a place to recommend, please get in touch.

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