van Mechelen, the full Belgium experience

van Mechelen stadscafe, is at the sides of the Schinkel canal. The relatively small entrance opens to a wonderfully industrial and warm decoration. Inside, the old furniture makes you feel like if you were in an old factory, but in Belgium.

The food and drinks are of shockingly high-quality and there’s great variety of beers.

The tricky part usually lies in securing your boat lines in that canal. There’s no dock and it usually involves heavy nautical traffic. You might want to have a couple of beers only and continue your way.

The most noteworthy thing?

Its very rustic and you can easily feel at ease. It has a nice buzzy vibe and its non-touristy.

At a glance

Captain’s delight: their extensive menu of snacks.
Best time to drop by: during the day and during the night, if you are adventurous. 
Docking facilities: None. Tie your lines for a moment, keep and eye on your boat. 

More about van Mechelen?
Sloterkade 96/97,1058 HK (West)



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